Value and Code

Who We Are

Chair City Church began on October 2, 2011. Our Christian community was founded on two statements:

Loving God and others.
Help people become followers of Jesus.

We wholeheartedly believe that this love and trusting of God will enable Chair City Church to make a meaningful difference in your life and our community.

Truth – The bible is our roadmap for life.
Generosity – Caring for others with words and works.
Transparency – A safe place where we can share life’s struggles and victories with one another.
Unity – We will be committed to the vision and values this community was founded on and hold them and each other above our personal preferences.

The Code

Become known for making God famous in the greater Gardner region!
Thrive at equipping people for life.
Become an extraordinary giving and sacrificial church.
Become a church with little caution and much exploration! – Jesus didn’t play it safe- Why should we?
Become a place where people connect and continue to climb to greater heights with God.
Be a church that changes the community around us while building strong families.
Be an innovative church in the greater Gardner region!
Be a community of believers who do the best we can with what we have and who we are! – no stress - no burnout.
Become an influential church in the greater Gardner region!